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Joseph Boakai, Senior Consultant ICT at Intellegant
Clauda Nocente, Head of Communcatons at Intellegant

Claudia is a graphic designer & communication strategist with a background in politics and international relations. After being a security consultant for private clients, she spent four years mainly working on communications and events for an international organization in the energy sector. She then decided to start her own business and is now actively involved in the promotion of Intellegant. Claudia has a BA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Padova (Italy) and an MA in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent - Brussels School of International Studies (UK - Belgium). She speaks Italian and English, she is conversant in French, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish and German. She is the creative mind behind Intellegant. 

Mauro Bernuzzi, Senior Consultant Modelling & Simulation at Intellegant

MAURO BERNUZZI, Senior Consultant Modelling & Simulation

More than twenty years of experience in business modelling and simulation in a multinational industry setting where he led a number of strategic and process improvement projects. 

He is adjunct professor of Dynamic Systems and Business Strategy at the Catholic University of Milan (Italy) and Research Fellow at KU Leuven (Belgium). His skills encompass operations research, mathematical and statistical modelling, complex systems simulation and predictive analytics. 

Ben McPherson, Business Anayst at Intellegant

BEN MCPHERSON, Business Analyst

Ben McPherson is a policy analyst, working for Intellegant in EU government regulation, with a particular focus on privacy and GDPR. Mr McPherson has ample background in inspection and compliance, working all over the United States in environmental and energy monitoring. Motivated by a great interest in the EU political system and conflict analysis, he transitioned his career to Europe in 2011 by obtaining a Master's degree in International Conflict and Security at the University of Kent's Brussels campus. 

Antimo Fiorillo, Founder & CEO of Intellegant


Antimo is the founder and CEO of Intellegant. Since 2014, he has been working as an external consultant for GlaxoSmithKline in different roles and business functions. Before that, Antimo has worked with international groups in the logistics and financial sector such as DHL and UniCredit. He has a degree in Economics and Banking and an MBA coupled with a post-graduate course in Big Data & Analytics at KU Leuven in Belgium. He speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and he has a basic knowledge of Dutch.


Antimo has a thorough expertise in project management and information technology practices applied to business process re-engineering, data mapping and systems analysis. He has the ability to work across boundaries in order to gain cooperation, facilitate change, and influence decisions with all levels of management. His specialties include data analytics, digital transformation, data integrity & privacy, cloud computing and much more.


JOSEPH BOAKAI, Senior Consultant ICT

Technologist, Strategist and ICT professional with 20 years’ industry experience and track record of successes in leading small to large-scale, mission-critical and complex global IT and R&D projects in unregulated and highly regulated environments. Comprehensive leadership and management experience in the design, concept, implementation, testing and support of applications and IT solutions for clients. Joseph has an established record of consistently delivering high quality products and solutions within budget and in the face of aggressive deadlines. He has cross-cultural experience having worked in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa and Asia whilst embracing the Onshore-Offshore delivery model. Joseph has a Masters Degree in Engineering and has worked many years as Senior Engineer at Nokia.


Our mission is to provide smart data solutions. Intellegant has been established to help companies turn data into valuable insights. Our goal is to accompany our clients in the use of advanced data analytics to drive better decisions and enhance business performance.

We believe compliance is a key component of any regulated industry, that's the reason why we value Data Privacy, Data Integrity and Data Security in our proposition

The name Intellegant derives from the latin verb intellegere which means to understand. Our ambition is to assist companies in establishing the right foundations to make their data intelligible and prone to be exploited to drive competitive advantage.

At Intellegant we strive to work in the boundary between technological innovation and regulatory compliance – making sure that fantastic ideas aren’t taken by surprise by legal speedbumps. Our added value is helping clients develop solutions that embed data privacy, security, and integrity as defaults, to avoid problems before they happen, and doing it with a strong sense of business realities.

What makes Intellegant unique is our ability to master the entire data analytics journey. We help firms interpret data by ensuring that critical information is well captured, processed and analyzed so as to raise the data-driven decision-making process to a more sophisticated level. Our capability to conceptualize, architect and implement smart, advanced data solutions allows our clients to transition from conventional models into digital platforms.


Intellegant is a technology integrator. We strive to serve the needs of the mid-cap customer through canvassing top-notch tech on the market and delivering last-mile optimization and customization. Intellegant can develop an end-to-end, integrated solution by leveraging available tech options, such as cloud computing, as well as providing ongoing support and maintenance. Finally, our base here in Brussels, Belgium gives us a key advantage to consult on EU regulations and compliance, with a particular focus on data privacy (GDPR), data integrity and data security.

Intellegant's business model

CLAUDIA NOCENTE, Head of Communications

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